Every creative workflow process has phases. The process begins with the kick-off, and then moves through analysis, sketch, and design. During these phases, we stay in contact and discuss the design.

01. Kick-off

What is the purpose of your project and brand? What goal would you like to achieve? I want to take in everything there is to know about your product, project and, people involved. I want to gain a clear understanding of what is expected from the illustrations. I'm interested in the success of your product. It is important to be a partner for your business, not just an implementer.

02. Analysis

Analysis of the target audience and competitors. Search for references and moodboard creation. I want to study your business thoroughly, so I can create illustrations with a unique approach and specific values.

03. Sketch

Now I have all the information I need, so I set aside my visual references and start to illustrate. These illustrations will be rough sketches and there is plenty of room for you to give feedback. Changes can still be easily made in this phase, so there is opportunity to further finetune the the design.

04. Design

The sketches are approved and now I can create the illustrations. We have scheduled meetings during this process where we can discuss the illustrations. In this way we can have the outcome we hoped for! 

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