I'm Karmijn Simons, an illustrator based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. My work is often described as bold, inclusive and uplifting. You can catch my work from the corner of magazines to somewhere on websites you may know. As a creative partner, I'm aiming to bring visual identities to life through print and digital implementations. My goal is to connect clients with their target audience in the most memorable way. As a studio of one, I’m comfortable working solo or assembling a team to best serve a project’s needs.

A deep dive into my client’s needs
Illustration / Web Design / Editorial Design / Visual Identity / Creative & Art Direction

Glamour NL / Adobe / Mollie Makes Magazine / The Social Brand / Eva Magazine / The Gift Label / Hutspot / Healthy Living / Astral Collective / Rocketship.fm / All The Happier

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I'm always interested in new projects and collaborations

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